Phacelia campanularia, California Bluebells

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Phacelia campanularia

Stunning deep blue flowers with white dots at the base of the petals grace this heat-resistant spring and summer-blooming annual from the Mohave and Sonoran deserts of California. The blue of this wildflower has called forth a number of adjectives to capture it, including "deep blue, bright blue, gentian blue, cobalt blue, velvety blue" and also "incredible, marvelous, and irresistible" blue. Though endemic to California, it adapts to other climates and has made its way into the gardens of many other states.

it grows to 12"  tall and equally wide, hugging the ground and spreading its red stems and red-veined gray-green leaves along the earth. It will grow taller if it is in competition with other plants. It is considered a good insectary plant and draws many different kinds of bees.

It blooms in eight weeks from seed, and makes a striking contrast with California poppy or golden blazing star. One of our favorite combinations is CA bluebells and tufted poppy, Eschscholzia cespitosa.