On Your Land, In Our Office, or Over the Phone!


Garden Consultation Experts, but not Psychics

One of the most difficult aspects of this business is trying to recommend seeds or plants or procedures for areas that are being described to us over the phone. All sites differ in a multitude of ways and eliciting relevant information is a lengthy and demanding process. We hope to be experts but don't aspire to be psychics. There is no substitute for actually seeing the site.

Because we are a small business with many irons in the fire, we request that phone calls be limited to five to ten minutes per customer. Phone consultations of more than ten minutes must be arranged by appointment and are billed at $70.00 for a half hour. 

We also offer consultation services either at your home or here in the office. Our charge for on-site visits outside of Bolinas is $140.00 per hour. Here in the office, we charge the same, $140.00.  Travel time is billed at $50.00 an hour.

For all consultations we suggest bringing or sending photos, drawings, and lists of concerns so that we can be prepared to use our time together efficiently, providing the best advice we can offer!

For information on seed-sowing rates, please have your area measured out in advance, both length and width.