Helpful Links

The California Native Plant Society (CNPSand Calscape

CNPS is a non-profit organization dedicated to the understanding and appreciation of California's native plants and how to conserve them and their natural habitats through education, science, advocacy, horticulture and land stewardship.

Calscape is a resource offered by CNPS for California gardeners and practitioners. Here you can explore which plants are native to your location! You can enter a California ADDRESS or CLICK THE MAP to see plants native to that location and how to grow them, or search for California native plants by name. Review the Calscape plant descriptions before finalizing which native plants to grow. You may also enter a California address to see butterflies & moths native to that location, or search for native butterflies by name.

Fire Recovery Guide

With a recent history of record breaking fires throughout California and the west, CNPS has provided a helpful guide for landowners, with the hope that it can help one maintain the natural beauty of landscapes affected by recent fires. The guide is beautifully laid out, detailed and informative, with the 2019 revised edition available for download on their website.

Yerba Buena Nursery

Yerba Buena Nursery is California's oldest retail nursery business specializing in Native Plants and Ferns. This retail nursery was established in 1960 by Gerda Isenberg, a pioneer in the movement to recognize the landscape value of Native Plants. On her family's 3000 acre cattle ranch, Gerda fashioned a nursery dedicated to the propagation of these special plants, many of which are now rare, endangered, or extinct in the wild.

Santa Clara Valley Water District

The Santa Clara Valley Water District has produced a video showing low-water-use plants. As part of their water conservation, they are trying to showcase a variety of colorful plants that don't require much water. One of our vegetation management specialists appears in the video and explains the features of each plant. We are hoping you would consider putting the link of the video on your website.

We also offer rebates for folks who remove plants that require a lot of water and replace them with low-water plants. Hopefully, that will serve as an incentive for people to buy them. That information is available on the same page the video appears on.

Idora Design

A tea party of California native plants, gardening advice, green building, yummy recipes and inspiration.