A Plant is not a Couch

Posted by Judith Lowry on

By popular request, we are bringing back our longtime motto: A Plant is Not a Couch. Here's what we mean.

Many customers, especially those new to gardening, seem victims of "plant anxiety." They want to know exactly what will do what and where. But gardening is not interior design, and the great part is, there are no absolute certainties. Gardening, especially the kind we promote, is about learning.

A plant is alive, therefore full of surprises. And every gardener's situation is different, especially in California, land of the microclimate. Part of the fun of plant exploring here lies in the unexpected occurrences of species. "Oh! I didn't know California chia grew here." Or, "Why can't I grow evergreen huckleberry, when my friend down the street can?" Or, "Not seen here in 50 years, yampa is thriving again in my garden!"

Give it your best efforts, and then relax.   Give territory to the plants of our place, and they will give back to you, but maybe not in exactly the way you imagined. Begin the easy, hard, challenging, unexpected, discouraging, nourishing, and always interesting interaction with the plant world called gardening.

Plants are not furniture. It is much better than that. Plunge in; expect gifts.

Original post: February 21, 2016

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