Native Grasses of California Print

Native Grasses of California Print

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Native Grasses of California Poster

Color pencil renderings of 22 native grasses, proportionate to each other. English and latin names of native grasses. Native grass range maps for each species.


This print is illustrated by Michael Lee; illustrator of all of Good Nature Publishing Company's tree posters. Take a look at his completed works: Northwest Native Broadleaved Trees, Northwest Native Conifers, Native Oaks of California.



Size: 36"x 24" printed on green FSC 100# book wt paper

Range maps

English and botanic names

Illustrated by Michael Lee, color pencil

Grasses included on print:

Indian ricegrass • Spike redtop • Purple three-awn • California brome • Purple reedgrass • Tufted Hairgrass • Squirreltail • Blue wildrye • Slender wheatgrass • California fescue • Idaho fescue • Meadow barley • Junegrass • Giant wildrye • Creeping wildrye • California onion grass • Deer grass • Purple needlegrass • Western witchgrass • Big galleta • Pine bluegrass • Alkalai sacaton

Designed and printed by tree elves in Seattle. USA on quality green papers.