Agrostis pallens, West Coast Bentgrass

Agrostis pallens, West Coast Bentgrass

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Agrostis pallens

West coast bentgrass is one of the few California grasses that is considered a “turf” grass rather than a bunchgrass, meaning that it spreads through underground rhizomes. It grows 1 to 2’ tall and is a rich deep green in winter to midspring, going partially dormant in the summer. It has tiny flowers that form inflorescences that can be as wide as 5” and are showy in a mass if the planting is allowed to flower. The blades grow closely together.

It can be used as a cover crop, or as a low mow, part shade to sun adaptable, low water use, and somewhat fire resistant lawn. It is also called San Diego bentgrass, seashore bentgrass, or perhaps most descriptive, California thingrass.

Sowing rate: 1.5# to 3# per 1,000 sq. feet. The larger amount will fill in more quickly.