Trifolium willdenovii, Tomcat Clover

Trifolium willdenovii, Tomcat Clover

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Trifolium willdenovii

One of the showiest of our native clovers, tomcat clover is an extremely variable, perennial native clover, with lavender to purple flowers and unusually long leaves for a clover. It is found throughout the west in about 20 different plant communities, from oak woodland to grassland to alpine fell. It seeds abundantly, flowering in spring, and it likes moisture. Often found in disturbed areas, with moist heavy soils, sometimes even serpentine.

It is excellent for habitat gardens and draws birds, native bees, butterflies, and other insects.

Like all native clovers, it should be protected with Sluggo, or snail houses, or snail cloth, to repel slugs, the main cause of the demise of this genera. Grow it in containers for a beautiful and unusual garden accent.