The Tanoak Tree

The Tanoak Tree

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The Tanoak Tree; An Environmental History of A Pacific Coast Hardwood

by Frederica Bowcutt, Foreword by Frank Kanawha Lake.

Perhaps no other species has been both as honored and as vilified as the totemic tree called tanoak, Notholithocarpus densiflorus.  Known as “the beautiful tree” by indigenous Californians and highly valued for its acorns, the Matsutake mushrooms that grow from its roots, and its importance for wildlife, it has historically been the target of an eradication campaign by the lumber industry.

Bowcutt’s graceful prose and thorough research combine in this fascinating, unexpected, and important tale of the irreplaceable “tree of power.” Black and white illustrations. Elegantly produced, a very attractive book from the University of Washington. Highly recommended.