Native Pollinator Collection

Native Pollinator Collection

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Native pollinators, from bees to beetles and butterflies, will welcome this collection of species that provides what pollinators need. Starting the season with the California poppy, a bee haven, these species will provide continuous bloom throughout the season, ending with the fall-blooming gumplant, beloved by butterflies. We include the colorful and informative booklet put together by BayNature, "Gardening for Wildlife."

The annuals, Phacelia tanacetafolia, (tansy-leafed phacelia) and Eschscholzia californica, (California poppy), can be sown directly in the ground, or in 4"pots for later transplanting to the garden. The perennials, Grindelia stricta or arenicola (gumplant) and Plantago subnuda (coast plantain) can be sown in flats, transplanted to 4" pots, and then to the garden.  

Includes a copy of Bay Nature Magazine's special edition called "Gardening for Wildlife with Native Plants,and packets of the following seeds that are hand-collected, while supplies last.:

  • Tansy leaved Phacelia, Phacelia tanacetifolia
  • California poppy, Eschscholzia californica
  • Gumplant, Grindelia stricta or arenicola
  • Coastal Plantain, Plantago subnuda