Native Oaks of California Print

Native Oaks of California Print

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California Native Oaks

Discover the Wonders of 19 California Native Oaks On Your Wall!

Explore the beauty and wonders of nature with our stunning poster showcasing the 19 native oak trees of California. Enjoy breathtaking visuals and educational information to appreciate these majestic natural beauties.

Understanding Native Oaks of California

Native oaks of California are an important part of our biodiversity, with each species having different characteristics, habitats and distributions. Learn more about why these native trees are so special and what makes them unique with our poster as a guide. With this educational resource you can learn about the ecology and diversity of our native oak species along their individual journey through history.


Size: 36" x 24"  illustrated in color pencil by landscape architect and tree genius Michael Lee. 
California Native Oaks included on this print:


• Deer Oak • Island Oak • Island Scrub Oak • Interior Live Oak • Coast Live Oak • Canyon Live Oak • Huckleberry Oak • Palmer Oak • Desert Scrub Oak • Scrub Oak • Coastal Scrub Oak • Tucker Oak • Muller Oak • Leather Oak • Mesa Oak • Blue Oak • Oregon White Oak • Valley Oak • California Black Oak • Oracle Oak



Oak leaf image, linked by number to central image

Acorn image

Common and botanical names

Range map for each tree

All 19 native species and oracle oak

Illustrated by Michael Lee, color pencil


Printed in Seattle, Washington USA on quality FSC paper