Frangula californica, Coffeeberry

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Frangula californica

Coffeeberry is one of California's most useful and handsome evergreen shrubs. Its mounding shape makes it a good companion for most other shrubs. It makes good habitat for a wide range of birds, who find shelter and protection in its

Adaptable and drought-tolerant, evergreen shrub valuable for foundation plantings and as screen. Thrives in many different situations and is a reliable landscaping choice. These dark green shrubs grow to eight to twelve feet and are equally broad. Can take coastal fog and wind, full sun, and is also found in the woods growing as an understory shrub.

Its pleasing leaves are light-green when young, contrasting nicely with the mature dark green leaves. In spite of its name, the deep blue-black berries are not edible to humans, though they are often found in fox and other wildlife scat.