Corethrogyne filaginifolia, Dune Aster

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Corethrogyne filaginifolia

An elegant and useful, extremely tough groundcover blooming in late summer (August thru October), when its lavender-pink, daisylike flowers are most appreciated. Its delicate appearance belies the toughness with which it blooms through drought, hot sun, and lean soil. It weaves through golden grasses, looks for openings in coastal scrub, and even finds a place in the dripline of conifers.

This drought-tolerant perennial hugs the ground, growing seldom more than 10" tall, with silvery leaves that set off its pale purple blooms. It is elegant spilling over rock walls and spreading down slopes, banks, and roadcuts. It can handle shallow, rocky soil, in full sun or in part-shade. It can handle shallow rocky or sandy soil.