Botanical Print - Sky Lupine

Botanical Print - Sky Lupine

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Featuring a graceful rendition of Sky Lupine, Lupinus nanus, this botanical print is a full sized reproduction of an original watercolor by Marin County illustrator Kristin Jakob. Measures 12" by 16."

Jakobs is a master of pen and ink and has illustrated several books as well as posters for CNPS and even native grass placemats, which we carry. Her drawings in Monocots are so exquisite that it's tempting to cut the book apart and frame the drawings. We also carry her notecards of flowers, shrubs, lichens, and mushrooms. I have watched with awe, holding my breath as she draws one single perfect line depicting a flower stem curve, such as the one in this poster. She studied at Kew Gardens in London. 

Her art is backed up by a lifetime study of all aspects of California native plants. I've lost count of the number of years she has been president of the Marin Chapter of CNPS, a true labor of love.

This is an affordable way to own the best in the way of botanical art.