Our Bookscape

We are book-crazy!

Years of reading have revealed many treasures in that rich vein of books occupying what one writer calls "bookscape," books that enhance and deepen the reader's sense of what it means to inhabit a landscape.

We have selected a list of books, not all horticultural, that to us reflect the focus of this catalog. They are non-fiction and fiction that we cherish, for the specific information they offer, for the quality of the writing, and for the depth of the author's relationship to the landscape we move through. 

In the almost forty years that we have been offering books, we have learned that books of this specialized nature go in and out of print. The message is clear: get them while you can. In some cases, in an effort to keep these books available, we offer used copies of valuable books that are no longer in print. Many are true collector's items. The book you buy now for under $30.00 may in a few years cost $60 to, in one case, $600.00!

Others, like Robert Edminster's amazing book Streams of the San Joaquin, are self-published gems. This book reflects years of personal experience in the San Joaquin Valley, invaluable for those wishing to become ecologically literate in the Central Valley of California. No trouble is too much to take for the books we consider important.

We invite you to dip into the literature of California, both fiction and non-fiction, for a deeper understanding of our human history here, and of the landscape we inhabit.