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Gardening With a Wild Heart

Gardening With a Wild Heart
Judith Larner Lowry

Seeds & Plants of California's Native Wildflowers, Grasses, Shrubs, Vines & Trees

It's here! Judith's new book:
California Foraging

"This book is a triumphant celebration of California's flora through gathering: a call to our species to see, touch, smell, taste, and tend the wild through the seasons.

Lowry deeply inspires us to honor our hunter-gatherer ancestors, and build the foundation of a new indigenousness with the land."

- M. Kat Anderson, Ethnobotanist

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California Riches!

Here at Larner Seeds, we seek to promote the riches of our California flora, through supplying our customers with seeds, plants, books, advice, and landscaping services. It is our goal to bring to the California gardener the perspectives and information of the whole humming world of natural history as it applies to the California landscape.

Popular Native Annuals

Collinsia heterophylla Limnanthes douglasii Nemophila menziesii Oenothera hookeri
Collinsia heterophylla
Chinese Houses
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Limnanthes douglasii
Douglas Meadowfoam
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Nemophila menziesii
Baby Blue Eyes
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Oenothera hookeri
Evening Primrose
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Let us celebrate this place by helping the native flora find its way back into the land surrounding our homes, for gardens that are full of life, the life of California. Shaded and sheltered by native trees and shrubs, delighted and renewed by our California wildflowers, nourished by our native fruits, greens, and nuts,we as gardeners become ever more deeply "home."

How to begin? Start with local field trips with naturalists and biologists, buy local floras, join the local chapter of the California Native Plant Society and slowly build your vision of your own, site-specific California backyard restoration garden. We hope that our catalog, books, seeds, and plants will be part of the adventure.

This we can promise - there will be no end to the learning and the delights

We are excited about the Larner Seeds Special Collections

These make wonderful gifts and provide great savings with seven different attractively-packaged gatherings of seeds relevant to a particular interest or focus, including:
California Cuisine Collection The Native Pollinator Collection
California Clover Collection Central Valley Wildflower Collection
Beginner's Bunchgrass Collection Central Valley Bunchgrass Collection
Beginner's Wildflower Collection The Monkey Wrench Collection
NEW! All Things Meadowfoam Collection

Native Plants

We supply fifty different wildflower species and four different wildflower mixes, available in bulk as well as by the packet. Our catalog includes both annuals and perennials, wildflower mixes, grasses, shrubs, and trees.  Seeds to grow the mighty oak and the tiny flower. We offer site-specific seed collection as well. Propagated at our nursery, with an emphasis on coastal plants. They can be purchased here at our Larner Seeds office Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, and Saturdays from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

Carefully selected to reflect our focus. Not strictly horticultural, our offerings include books from the fields of anthropology, ethnobotany, natural history, range management, and entomology. We specialize in hard to find books that will inspire and inform. 

Garden Tools and Accessories
Some of our favorite tools and toys for working in the garden and bringing natural products back into the home. We hold all our products in the highest standing with the hope that they will enliven your gardening and general experience.

Demonstration Garden Shop
Seeds, books, and gardening aids are now attractively displayed in the Larner Seeds Shop, a clean, well-lit place for seeds. With the shop set snugly into our one-acre demonstration garden of all California native plants, customers can browse in comfort and at their leisure among all our seed offerings, some of which are not listed in the catalog. Our books are accessibly displayed as well, with a new and ever-changing section featuring rare and out-of-print used books. Choice related items, from native plant scented soaps to Scotch Broom removal tools, edible wildflower seeds and our favorite gardening tools, are also available.

Landscape Design and Consultation Service

Judith Larner Lowry
For homeowners interested in "backyard restoration gardening" on-site consultation is available, as well as a more economical venue, in which appointments are set up here at Larner Seeds. Clients bring pictures of their garden and detailed questions. Call Larner Seeds for more information, at 415-868-9407.
Judith Larner Lowry at work
Seeds & Plants of California's Native Wildflowers, Grasses, Shrubs, Vines & Trees

Larner Seeds
PO Box 407,
Bolinas, CA 94924

Shop & Demonstration Garden,
235 Grove Rd
Bolinas, CA

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415.868.2592 fax

Office and garden at Larner Seeds
Larner Seeds' Shop & Demonstration Garden

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Coming Up!

Saturday, June 27 12:30pm
SoCal Event

Mark your calendars: On June 27 and 28, 2015 the Natural History Museum presents a brand new, two-day Nature Festival. Judith Lowry will be traveling south to be part of this historic event, giving a presentation on “Wild Foods in LA; Foraging 101.”

Here's the description:

“Explore NHM’s research and collections with our scientists, participate in citizen science projects, and dig into the Nature Gardens with family friendly activities.

From the L.A. River rehab, to community gardens, to local collaborations, Angelenos seem increasingly interested in urban nature. Let’s take a weekend to see just how green L.A. can get.”

For info on other events, go to

Thursday, Oct 15

Portola Valley Garden Club; October; location to be announced.

Seeds and books available.

Go here For More Talks & Events for 2015.

New Tools
Ceramic water bottles
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Meadowfoam Moisturizing
Bath Oil

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