Gardening with a Wild Heart - out of print

Gardening with a Wild Heart - out of print

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by Judith Larner Lowry
University of California Press, 1999
paperback, line drawings and color photos, 252 pages

This lyrical and articulate mix of the practical and the poetic combines personal story, wildland ecology, restoration gardening practices, and native plant horticulture. Extremely well-received, this book is a classic in the fields of nature writing and restoration. Though based on California gardens, it has inspired readers from all over the country. 

"Gardening with a Wild Heart is Judith Larner Lowry's splendidly articulated account of twenty years of what she calls "gardening at the seam...between the wild and the cultivated."...She is practical, sensual, philosophical, and above all there on the land...This is a wonderful book full of lore and practical knowledge and beautiful writing...This, for me, is better than reading John Muir. It is real, it is local, it is alive and it is beautiful. Read this book and share it with your friends."

-William McClung, 
Growing Natives Research Newsletter